Bradley Trotter

I cannot remember a time I wasn’t drawing. As a young boy I fell in love with mythology and fantasy, making up the subjects of my drawings. My interests included comic books and graphic novels where I learned many of my foundational drawing skills studying graphic, dynamic illustrations. In 2013 I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts and began my tattoo apprenticeship directly afterward. In 2014 I moved to Minneapolis Minnesota in order to grow as a tattooer. I broadened my skill set by tattooing in a gamut of styles, all the while striving to make each piece my own. I enjoy tattooing classic imagery in an illustrative style while seeking a balance between striking and elegant. I am interested in creating compelling narratives, relating symbolism and metaphors to someone’s life. I constantly aim to surround myself with exceptional, experienced creatives to learn from and to deepen my understanding of this craft I love.