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Mike Grant

Mike Grant has been a professional tattooer since 2004.  He began his career at a busy street shop which allowed him to develop a proficiency in a wide variety of styles.  He joined the team at BlackEnd Tattoo in the winter of 2018. He chose to work at BlackEnd in order to focus on custom work in a more relaxed environment.

Mike continually strives to educate himself about art and design.  He has attended the University of Minnesota for graphic design as well as the Minneapolis College of Art and Design for Illustration.  Currently, Mike takes online courses from sites such as New Masters Academy for composition and drawing/painting technique.  He also takes courses at the Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art developing skills in mediums such as charcoal. Just like his knowledge various artistic styles, his personal library of educational books continues to grow.

Mike’s style ranges from american traditional to illustrative blackwork to realistic black and gray. He enjoys tattooing nearly any subject matter as long as there’s room for creativity. He’s particularly interested in bold, striking designs that give the feeling of a narrative.